Queen's Guide Award

The Queen's Guide Award is the highest award that you can work towards in Guiding.  It is for 16 - 25 year olds and must be finished before your 26th birthday and within 3 years of starting.  You can have a break if you plan it in.  It gives you the chance to develop your skills while contributing to guiding and your local community at an impressive level! The Award isn't just a great achievement to share with other members of guiding, potential employers and further education institutions will also be impressed with your accomplishment, which shows that you have challenged yourself and achieved your goals in a range of different areas.  The Award is split into 5 sections and is based on the concepts of personal challenge and participation, so don't rush it or take the easiest options.  Your Mentor or Adviser will be able to help you decide if something is a challenge for you or not.

 Service in guiding - Take an active role in guiding at a range of levels

Outdoor challenge - Build your teamwork and leadership skills in a glorious outdoor setting, where you go and what you do is up to you!

Personal skill development - Try a new skill and develop it, or take an existing skill to a new level for a minimum of 60 hours over 12 months. A personal skill could be anything from ballet to circus skills, from performing magic tricks to becoming a technology whizz!

Community action - Get more involved with the world around you and gain a greater understanding of it through practical and research projects of your choice.

Residential - Spend 2 nights and 3 days away from home where the majority of participants are unknown to you.

Mentors and assessors - You will need to choose a Mentor to support you whilst working towards the Award.  You should agree a plan of what you will be undertaking for the Award with your Mentor and meet with the Queen's Guide Award Adviser.  Choose a Mentor who you know through Guiding and who can offer you advice and guidance whilst you are working on the Award.  Any changes to your initial plan should be talked through with your Mentor and should also inform your Queen's Guide Award Adviser.

More information can be accessed from The Senior Section website http://www.girlguiding.org.uk/seniorsection/whatcanido/awardsandqualifications/queenguideaward.html as well as by emailing our County Queen's Guide Award Adviser on PDF27346@aol.com